Introducing Antek ElemeNtS PAC's latest Total Sulfur/Nitrogen Analyzer

PAC is proud to announce the release of our next generation Combustion Analyzer for Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen. The ElemeNtS is a completely redesigned solution for analyzing simultaneous total Sulphur and total Nitrogen in hydrocarbon based liquids, compressed gases, water and other liquids and gases.

The ElemeNtS analyzer is equipped with completely redesigned detectors and optimized signal handling which enables a simultaneous analysis of Total Sulfur and Total Nitrogen in hydrocarbon samples as low as 10 ppb and up to 1%

In terms of stability the ElemeNtS analyzer grants a linearity for both Sulfur and Nitrogen up to four orders of magnitude and a long-term stability for more than 6 months.

User Interface
For day-to-day operation the 10-inch high definition touchscreen on the instruments allows the user to operate the instrument from start to finish. The new PC software allows the user to fully control the instrument and analyze the results and performance of the instrument.

Bench Space
Smallest simultaneous combustion analyzer on the market.

The ElemeNtS has a completely new and optimized combustion and heat management system, new electronics, flow controls built in and detector base pressure control (by pressure point) allowing for ultra-stable baselines, providing the lowest detection limits. The large touch-screen make controlling and working with Elements very simple.

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