AC Analytical Controls: SeNse - Sulfur Selective Detector / Thiết bị phân tích hàm lượng lưu huỳnh và nitơ trong hydrocarbon

Routine Total Sulfur and Nitrogen contents are generally determined by combustion methods followed by UV-fluorescence or Chemiluminescence detection. However, in many cases just reporting total concentration is not sufficient, and determining and accurately quantifying individual Sulphur and Nitrogen species is required.
Gas Chromatographs equipped with specific Chemiluminescence detectors offers the possibility of characterizing these species resulting in a more detailed chemical composition characterization as a gas chromatographic detector, the PAC SeNse Chemiluminescence Detector is the most advanced GC Detector available for the specific determination of sulfur containing compounds.
SeNse provides best sensitivity, best baseline stability and best Equimolarity, and as such it will flexibly fit most chromatographic solutions.

Detector performance check standard
AC reference materials are designed and produced in-house to be intrinsic part of your laboratory quality system. They are used for testing the equipment and application prior to delivery and for qualification on-site during installation.
PAC SeNse Chemiluminescence Detector includes a Performance check standard for calibrating the system for Sulfur response. The sample is also used as a “diagnostic tool” sample, to enable calculating Sensitivity, Selectivity, Responsestability and Equimolarity of the sulfur response.

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