AC Analytical Controls: Sulfur Traces - D5504/D5623 / Thiết bị sắc kí khí phân tích hàm lượng Sulfur dạng vết trong dầu nhẹ

Determining the sulfur content in gaseous fuels such as Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) and
natural gas is a critical requirement, as there is a need to reduce the emissions of sulfur
components from combustion engines. Reducing the sulfur concentration to an acceptable level
is a discussion worldwide.
Light olefins – ethylene and propylene – are raw materials used to manufacture petrochemical
products and fuels. To assure product quality and to control downstream processing, it is
essential to determine the sulfur impurities in ethylene and propylene.
• Excellent separation of sulfur traces
• Long term stability of PFPD and ease of use of the PFPD results in low operating
costs, minimal maintenance and high analysis throughput
• Integrated permeation device allows multi-level calibration
• High selectivity
• Fast analysis of sulfur traces occurs in 10 – 20 minutes
• Application is delivered factory-tuned for the methods specified: ASTM D 6228 or
D 5303
• Dedicated software package, automates the analysis, calibrates the system and reports individual component concentrations
• Installation and familiarization is done by a qualified support engineer
• Includes a one year hardware or software related questions
• Optional on-line remote support by LAN connection available

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