Fast RGA (1058) - Refinery Gas Components / Thiết bị sắc kí khí phân tích thành phần khí chế biến

Refinery gas streams vary considerably in composition. Determining individual components of each gas stream is a challenge. An exact measure of stream components is essential in achieving optimum control and assuring product quality. AC Analytical Controls offers the FAST Refinery Gas Analyzer, the fast solution that determines and reports the composition of refinery gas streams. 
The AC Fast RGA system characterizes:
  • • C1 – nC5, C5+ hydrocarbons
  • • Inert gases: nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide
  • • Hydrogen sulfide

The AC Fast RGA system contains six columns and is subdivided into three separate analytical
channels. One channel determines hydrogen, the second channel is used to determine oxygen,
nitrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and C1 – C2 hydrocarbons. The third channel separates C3 – nC5 and C5+ hydrocarbons the FID for detection.
Valves are mounted in the top to provide a compact package, leak free operation and easy access.
The use of Sulfinert ensures optimal resistance to corrosive materials. The Fast RGA system is
flexible and each channel can be used separately. Together with the default automated shutoff
valve they provide superb repeatability and robustness to the analyzer.

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