AC Analytical Controls: FAME in Avtur Analyzer / Thiết bị sắc kí khí đo FAME cho BioFuels

Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAMEs) are a particular concern in Aviation Safety. These components may be
introduced into the Jet Fuel during transport or storage, and usually these are a contamination from bio-based
diesel fuels or Fame Feedstocks. The presence of FAMEs in Jet Fuel may change the jet fuel properties in
various ways:
• Risk of coke deposits
• Risk of gelling of the fuel – changes in Freeze Point
• Line Blockages
• Microbial growth
• Chemical degradation of rubber materials
• Water inclusion and corrosion
Ultimately these may result in faulty systems, engine flame outs and/or leaks, posing a significant threat to
aviation Safety. To ensure safety, today’s fuels are allowed to have no more than maximum of 50 ppm by
weight in FAME’s in the fuel only (according ASTM D1655 and DEFSTAN 91-91).
The Analytical Controls Analyzer for Fame In Jet is based on a multi-dimensional column switching technique
and employs an innovative non-cryogenic cold trapping technique. See figure 1.
A first apolar column separates the bulk Jetfuel from the FAME components. The FAME specific components
are consecutively directed to a secondary polar column using a classical Deans switch device. During the first
part of the run these components are trapped onto this polar column. Only after all FAME components are
collected on the refocus trap, it is heated and all components are separated on the secondary column. The
remaining matrix components are sent to the monitor column with FID.
The unique combination of vortex cooling and Deans Switching allows for chromatograms with low background
in Jetfuel components, which results in unambiguous identification and accurate quantification even at the
lowest level. The Refocus trap does not use Liquid Nitrogen or Carbon dioxide, but a unique vortex airflow.

Separation range:
FAMES C14:0, C16:0, C18:0, C18:1. C18:2, C18:3

Sample range / Scope:
Jet Fuel – all types.

True Turn-Key Solution
The Fame in Jet Analyzer is a true Turn-Key Solution. The system is fully configured, pre-tuned to application,
calibrated with AC qualified reference materials and tested before and upon delivery. This allows for fastest
installation by one of our global support team members, and a very smooth integration into the lab workflow.

Method Compliancy
IP599, ASTM D1655, DEFSTAN 91-91

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