AC Analytical Controls: CNS SIMDIS for Crude Oil / Thiết bị sắc kí khí mô phỏng chưng cất kết hợp đo lưu huỳnh và Nitơ cho dầu thô

The modern oil industry faces a growing challenge: while environmental specifications on products grow
tighter each year, many of the remaining reservoirs offer relatively poor quality crude oil. In this context,
understanding the detailed refining behavior of crude oil is more critical than ever before
Petroleum products specifications are continuously tighten regarding the concentration of heteroatom species
such as Sulfur, Nitrogen, Fluoride and Chlorine. The stringent requirements derive not only from
environmental regulations but also from the standpoint that these species have detrimental effects in
catalytic hydrocracking and hydro treating processes. Sulfur and Nitrogen are the most abundant constituents
in fuels and process streams; therefore, to optimize the refining operations it is of primary concern to
determine precisely where in the boiling range span of the processing streams these undesired species are
Boiling point data is a key parameter in characterizing refinery streams and improving refinery profit margins.
Moreover, boiling point results are used to develop cut point information and boiling point curves for process
operations control purposes. Improved accuracy and precision of boiling point data is essential to optimize the
efficiency of all refinery and process operations. SIMDIS applications provide precise data and can show a
superior reproducibility.

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