AC Analytical Controls: NGA GPA 2286 - Natural Gas Components / Thiết bị sắc kí khí phân tích thành phần khí tự nhiên

The AC NGA GPA 2286 system consists of an Agilent 7890A Series GC with electronic pneumatics
control (EPC) and configured with one capillary column and four Micropacked GC columns, a flame
ionization detector (FID) and a thermal conductivity detector (TCD), optimized for GPA 2286 natural
gas analysis. The AC NGA GPA 2286 system complies with the GPA standard 2286-02 for natural gas
analysis and incorporates a high level of automation. Calibration, reporting and specific calculations
are all performed with the GasXLNC software (included).
The AC NGA GPA 2286 system consists of two channels. One channel contains a gas sampling valve
and four columns: a stripper Pre-Column and three analysis columns. Detection is done by a TCD. The
second channel utilizes a gas sampling valve, a split/ splitless injector, a capillary column, and an
FID. This channel analyzes the individual components of the C6+ fraction. The sample is injected on
both channels at the same time.
The AC application for this method include the assay of any C10 or lower boiling aromatics, such as
benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes, etc. This method may also be used to provide a distribution of C8
aromatics and/or C9 and heavier aromatics. The quantitation limit for a single aromatic component is
0.01 mass-%.

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