Consolidated* 1811 Series Safety Valve/Van an toàn Consolidate 1811 series

The Consolidated Type 1811 safety valve from BHGE is a cost-effective, high- capacity, flanged steel safety valve designed for steam service.
Features and Benefits
• A variety of pressure/temperature classes, orifice sizes and inlet/ outlet combinations provide a flexible selection of safety valves to meet industrial needs at the lowest cost.
• Low spindle bearing point and concentric spindle loading virtually eliminate the natural tendency for the disc to assume a horizontal position during the opening and closing cycle of the valve.
• The mechanical flexibility of the Thermodisc* allows the system pressure to assist in sealing the contact surface between the valve seat and Thermodisc.
• Seal welding the seat bushing into the base assures no leakage of steam past the threaded area of the seat bushing.
• Dual ring adjustments allow fine tuning of the safety valve performance characteristics needed to meet the steam system conditions that vary at each installation. A sharp, clean opening assures long valve seat life and reduced maintenance costs. Consistent opening and closing pressures contribute to efficient steam system operation.
Because the 1811 valve is not totally enclosed, upon actuation the system
media will escape from the following locations:
1. The valve outlet that is the main discharge area.
2. The open yoke, which will also allow a small amount of steam to exhaust vertically.
3. The drain hole at the

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